Pot Pourri

The JACKPOT logo flower called POT POURRI has been created in 1989 as a result of a close collaboration between “Bente P Creative Bureau” and Jorn B Hansen.

POT POURRI has 4 colours and is painted with an airbrush. The dewdrops in the logo give a feeling af freshness.

The 4 colours express creativity and happiness.

The original version of POT POURRI is placed in the entrance hall of the company JACKPOT

The 4 colours is a conscious deciision. Yellow, red and blue are primary colours, green is a secondary colour and is a mixture of yellow and blue.

Choosing colours should not be a gamble. It should be a conscious decision. Colours have a meaning and a function.
Verner Panton

Bardings colourcircle

Yellow is joy, happiness, hope for liberty. Yellow shows the way forward and stands for the future and change. In Goethe yellow stands for common sense. Yellow stimulates spiritually, promotes conversation. With its warm lightness yellow gives an impression of ease. Yellow is liberating and encouraging.

Green is tense, hard, stable, outwardly defensive and inwardly protective. Green is also fear, inhibitions and warding off. Green is critical, analytical and rectangular. The ideal colour for the hard man. Green calms and evens out, lies between hot and cold, brings calm and security. In Goethe green stands for sensitivity.

Red is filled with tension, eccentric, exiting, supports the will to conquer. Red is potency – sexual and power. Red is movement, sport, battle, production, willpower, longing for adventure. Fire, alarm, fantacism, activety, warmth, the present. Red is dynamic, aggresive, full of life. Red- orange is welcomming.

Blue is said to give an impression of relaxed sensitivity, calm and satisfaction, fidelity. Blue is also supposed to symbolize confidential friendship, love, feminity, calm nature, clean-liness. Dark blue gives depth, light blue width. In Goethe blue stands for intellect.


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