100% reuseable – 100% recycleable – 100% recycled raw material

From the Green Heart of Denmark

We design and create stunning accessories in high quality for the floral business

Established in 1979 by the owner Jorn B. Hansen. Situated in Denmark a country that is well known for their famous Scandinavian stylish elegant designs. Jorn B. Hansen, created JACKPOT Gallery, a concept where you can see these inspiring products. We Gallery follow and create exiting trends and colours through the Seasons. JACKPOT are specialists in brand and concept innovation and development to suite your many needs. Our vision is to build strong business relationships with innovative costumers worldwide, where together we create new winning soloutions.


Design & Brand

Design thinking is a main factor when creating JACKPOT products.

We always create popular name and logo for our design lines. We create many customs designs. Our target is designs with exclusive touch in high visual level for low cost. “Frosted glass™” design, glossy print at matte surface,  “The unique attitude of exclusive craft”  and main design profile in flow of following design lines.

We create packaging and asserories for our design lines.

Cover reusable™ follow all covers/cover logos, we work as much as possible environment and sustainability for a “new tomorrow”

delivered by sustainable high volume transport

Our home

The Island mid of Denmark ”Funen” also called
“The Green heart of Denmark” or “The Garden of Denmark”

Odense City, capital of Funen, 200k inh. Year 988, hometown of the famous fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen year 1805, Sct Knuds Cathedral  year 1100, University of South Denmark, Maersk Institute of Robotics which developed a Robotic cluster, Universal Robots and more. Odense also has the largest concentration of greenhouse s in Denmark.

Ten km north of Odense JACKPOT is located in Sonderso 3,3k inh. Rich flat agriland decorated somewhere hilly terrain left from the ice age.

Glavendruplunden 4 km Shipwreck and runestone year app. 900 Longest Rune carving in Denmark made by the Vikings 

North Funen have more than 10 castle and mansion houses.

primarily produced with wind & sun electricity

Our world

Environment & Sustainability

Since our first plastic product early 80ties we have worked circular sustainability in our products and used recycled raw material when possible. Today all our cover products are reusable, dish washable and made from 100% recycled raw material, all product recyclable. Our cardboard packagings are produced by standard at level of FSC standards. Total consume of electricity in Denmark is 2022 about 60% wind and sun based energy, 2030 the goal for  Denmark  is 90% plus.

Behind our factory we have a handful beehives and our mindset is care for the nature.

made by recycled raw material


Building strong business relationships with
innovative costumers worldwide

JACKPOT was established in 1979
by the owner Jorn Hansen.


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5471 Søndersø


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From the green heart of Denmark
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